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The A-Ha Moment

By on August 12, 2008


If you have read my previous post few days ago, you would have noticed that i bought couples of electronic books from a local bookstore. I have read through one of the electronic books and found quite a numbers of the A-ha moment. What does it mean of the A-ha moment? It means that i have discovered something new and with complete explanation, i got a better picture and easily understood what the writer trying to tell me. You see, even though i have been in this line for many years, i still have lots of things to learn especially from the experiences of different authors. They have displayed out their repair skills, knowledge and how to solve or test a particular component and electronic circuit.

If you have read my August repair newsletter where i wrote about “You think you know everything” where in fact you know very little!  With this in mind, it will makes you to constantly to look for new things or to explore something new in your life that you haven’t come across before be it in the theory of electronics or in the practical side. Finally, the more you read (from books, internet and etc) the more A-ha moment (knowledge) will be added into your life. Don’t stop reading!


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