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The Blue Ring Tester

By on July 8, 2008

 blue ring tester

Finally i have created a web page that take orders worldwide for this Blue Ring Tester. My company was selected by Anatek Corporation to be the distributor of this tester. The designer was John Bachman and this version of coil/winding tester internal design was completely different from Dick Smith Flyback tester. I have compared both the meters and found that the Blue Ring Tester is slightly more sensitive then Dick smith Flyback tester. That means if the dick smith meter lit up 6 LED’s on a good Flyback primary winding, the Blue Ring Tester would lit up 7 LED’s! It is using a 9 Volt battery and comes with a microswitch single push button for ON/Off.

 blue ring meter

The moment you power “On” this tester both the red LED would lit and blinks and as usual if there is a heavy short circuits between windings all of the LED’s would go off.  I have written the result of testing four type of coils in my electronic repair guide website. Please CLICK HERE NOW for more information.

 blue ring checker


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