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The Fun Of Using Different Test Meters

By on January 12, 2013

When you love your job very much your time passes very fast. If you don't like your job it will be like working 24 hours non stop even though the job only requires couple of minutes. Once you have found your true passion, not only you can make money from your passion, you will not treat your work as a job. My passion is teaching and troubleshooting/repairing thus I treat the repairing job more like a hobby than a work. Using different test meters to solve a problem is a great joy to me.

The real fun is the dynamic problem and we act as a detective to locate the problem with the help of those meters. Once you have located the bad components you will tell yourself " Yes I have found it" of course with a great smile in your heart. You may also thanks to the designer of the meters because it helps you to find the fault. Having different kind of meters really add colours in our troubleshooting job. You will not be bored by just using a single meter because nowadays there are wide seletion of meters you can choose for your troubleshooting work. At the end, not only you have great satisfaction in troubleshooting/repairing but also making money from your hobby. 



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