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The Gathering Photos

By on May 19, 2008

The gathering was so wonderful and many came brought along their food and the host prepared barbeque! It was a day of fellowshipping with other brothers and sisters and thank God for all his mighty blessing upon us and our family. It was fun too to be able to see all the kids running around and this also reminds me during my younger days where i also did the same thing when going to any of my relative house. As mentioned in the previous post that i will post some of the gathering photos and a video for you to view and here are those pictures and a video:






Now is Sunday night and i just came back from watching the Iron Man Movie with my family. The movie was fantastic and my kids have really enjoyed the show! By the way i love to watch those movies by Marvel! Forgive me for replying late to your emails as these two days were full of activities!

iron man


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