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The Good, The Bad And The……………

By on September 15, 2008

One of the best moment in my life was starting a repair shop 12 years ago. Although this is a partnership company, me and my partner had went through lots of obstacles and hardship in order to be successful in this repair line. We knocked on the wall many times but we learned our lessons. We never give up and continue to run this repair business even till this very moment. During all these years we came across lots of types of customers. We have kind/good customers, rude customers, irresponsible customers and we have bad customers too!

To those customers who are good, they never give you problems. They pay you on time and they were very friendly too. Even sometimes when we have accidentally broken some of the parts inside their equipment, they said no problem and no need to pay for compensation too! We had rude/bad customers that purposely delay in paying you. Always give problems and never appreciate your service too although you had helped them in some other ways like doing a favor by repairing their equipment first and etc. We have irresponsible customers that do not want to get their machine back even though all of their machines already been repaired. We called them many times to take back their machine otherwise we would sell (good units) or discard (bad units) and there was one time after one year plus, the customer came to look for the machine-its already too late. We have terms and conditions and those equipment that has kept for certain of period we will have the authority to do whatever we like- to sell it or to salvage the parts otherwise by placing the equipment in our out rack would consume our space.

For your information, no matter what kind of customers that comes your way, you need to handle them accordingly. We just can’t reject all rude/bad customers and we need to learn a proper way to deal with them.  After all they are still our customers and part of our salary came from them. Welcome to the reality of running a business and the true face of many different types of customers! If you have something to share (good and bad experiences) with others concerning customers you may post a comment below-thanks!


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