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The internet line is still down!

By on April 2, 2008

The moment i reached home after given the basic electronic course and open up my email- wow! there were so many of them (plus spam emails too). The technician came to my office and try to fix the connection but later he told me it could be the problem of the port! He told me to wait until tomorrow morning to get the whole thing working again. Without an internet connection, it was so inconvenienced to me as the emails could build up easily. I really hope that that everything will go back to normal again by tomorrow.

As for the student, look like he has the passion for electronics. His calculation on resistor color code was quite fast and the way he handle the solder gun and other test equipment was superb. I believe if he continue to pursue more of the repair courses, he could be independent very soon. I will post some of the photos and video to you in this coming Friday.


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