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The Young Guy Got The Job

By on July 28, 2007

If you have read my previous post at my electronic repair blog about the young guy that i trained in my technical department after he completed all of my courses-he finally got a job as junior technician repairing Television and computer power supply. He went for interview yesterday and managed to answer the technical questions by the owner of the electronic repair shop. He took the basic electronic course on mid of june and finished the advanced monitor repair course in early of July and start technical training repairing customer’s Monitor and now he is ready to enter into the repair line in this coming 1st of August. I’m very proud of him as he showed the passion in the electronic repair and finished all the repair task my supervisor gave him. He copied down all the notes and tips i’ve given  to him and practice it during the technical training. He was like a sponge keep absorbing all the repair information. Hope in few years time he will be ready to set up his own repair shop near his home which is in Rawang.


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