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Time Wasted Searching For Spares

By on August 25, 2008

If you love electronic repair whether you are in full time or part time repair then you must keep some spare parts to speed up your repair work. Sometimes it might only takes you a  very short time to locate the fault but it may take you hours to get the spare parts from the electronic supplier shop. It is not economical every time when you found a bad component and you need to go to the center of town just to buy that component. If it is a common component then i suggest that you keep some for future use. Keep some fuses, resistors, capacitors, transistors and diodes could save up some of your time in electronic repair. Another thing that you have to keep is junk electronic board.

Sometimes there are certain components that we can’t get from electronic suppliers. If you  are in the Monitor repair you would know that many local electronic suppliers does not sell CRT tube, SMPS transformer,  flyback transformer, B+ coil, some power IC or even latest color IC and H/V oscillator IC. The best is to salvage from the used boards. Although there were times we could not get the main parts that we want from the used boards at least it could help in getting some of the secondary parts like capacitors, diodes, transistors and etc. If you have some extra do keep some common parts as with this way it would speed up and complete your repair job fast.


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