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Too Many Data In Semiconductor

By on October 5, 2009


I believe you have come across problem when look for substitution part number for diodes and transistors. The information provided by the data book were usually Volt, Ampere and Watt (for transistors). Some of us may not have the data book for reference and what they did was to download the datasheet from the internet. I used to get questions like “Jestine, do you know what is the meaning of this or that spec in the diode other than the Volt, Amp and Watt (for transistor)?” I told them that there were lots of new electronic terms that i have no answer for it. For your information, different manufaturers have their own technical terms in which sometimes you may not find the explanation for it especially new part number in the market. One has to just concentrate on the higher volt, amp and watt for replacement purposes although there is no guarantee that the replacement part number would work.

Worst, when come to integrated circuit (IC) as newer IC would surely have lots of new technical terms that you have not heard before. Try download any new IC in the market and find out all the meaning of each pin. I’m very sure you will have the problem in identfying all the meaning in the IC pin out. In order to tackle such problem in IC, i would usually look out for the VCC supply pin, input and output pin and try to look at the waveshape (sometimes provided by the manufacturers). I would also need to understand what category that the IC belong to such as  EEPROM, CPU, MCU, Oscillator, Amplifier, TTL, and etc.

I would like to hear your comment about all these new technical terms in the IC pins or even the diode and transistors specification-thanks!



  1. suharma

    October 6, 2009 at 12:14 pm

    Good...,I think this news is very good idea and very support.

  2. beh

    October 6, 2009 at 1:35 pm

    Dear mr yong

    the repaire are challenging with following ic s these days
    1- all costomised ic the manfactures are not sealing them
    2- the program for eeprom ic s sepecialy a littel older model
    that manufacturer assum out of range and put stamp not repairable
    3-smd ic to decode them and find substitution and desoldering and soldering them
    best luck


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