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Too Many Electronic Components Burnt

By on September 12, 2008

burnt board

What would you do if you discovered that the electronic equipment that sent in for you to repair have many parts burnt? You have to make a decision whether you want to repair it or return the set back to the customer telling them it was beyond repairable due to lightning strike, surge and etc. If you have decided to repair the set then you have to calculate the time that you are going to use such as you must check lots of corresponding components, find replacement, comparison, finding the right schematic diagram for reference, the overall cost of the parts and  etc. That means before you start doing anything, make sure you let the customer know about the price and have him or her agree first before you start work. You also need to tell them that it may have some percentage that the set can’t be  repaired due to too many components burnt.

Let your customer decide whether wants to buy a new set or have it repair at your shop. For your information, some electronic board that have many electronic components burnt can be easily repair by comparison with the same model but to some there is no way to rescue it due to lack of information on that particular model.


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