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Trading Stock With Another Electronic Repairer

By on December 13, 2008

electronic board

If you have read my December repair newsletter you would have an idea on how you can save some money by salvaging electronic parts from junk electronic boards. I have touch on certain area on how to maximize the usage of the electronic components found in the board.  However, just recently i got an email from  a ERG member suggesting to me that one could also keep those junk board and trade (exchange) with another electronic repairer. I have not thought of that before but it was a brilliant idea. That means if you have some similar model of junk boards, instead of salvaging the same components, why not trade with other electronic repairer to get other models and this would make you have a more choices of keeping many different type of electronic components. You can exchange a Monitor board with a Televison board and etc.

All these can be done if other electronic repairers wish to exchange it with you. I guess it should not be a problem because most of your electronic repair friends are friendly (i guess)! Have a nice weekend rest!


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  1. ananda k

    December 18, 2008 at 6:56 pm

    realy its an good idea to share the problems and to find a solution for each.


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