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Transistor Tester

By on August 31, 2007

 transistor tester

Our normal multimeter either be an analog or digital meter can’t perform some test that these specialize transistor tester can do. They are designed to test and check transistor in circuit too that saves hours on the bench.

The B&K transistor tester can test NPN, PNP, FET, SCR diodes, or Darlington semiconductor devices in or out of circuit.  Patented DYNAPEAK system lets you perform reliable in-circuit tests. It also comes with easy Operation:  Connect leads in any order to device or use built-in socket.  A pulsating audio tone indicates “good”.  All three leads are automatically identified.  Meter is calibrated for silicon and germanium leakage limits.  Other famous transistor tester in the market are Peak electronic UK and the Sencore Cricket Transistor Tester.

transister tester


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