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Treating LCD TV as LCD Monitor?

By on May 31, 2008


Do you know that our LCD TV can support the signal from our computer? Not long ago i spoke with a friend who told me that he rather to get a 32″ LCD TV which is much cheaper and bigger as compare to 27″ LCD Monitor which is more expensive and smaller. He told me that if one doesn’t mind about the resolution of the LCD TV then getting the LCD Television is much worth the value. Besides you can switch to watch TV channels anytime you wanted to. Since the LCD TV prices is dropping that fast, i guess my friend’s idea was a good move to get one. What say you?


Support question:

“If I will consider to buy an oscilloscope to be used in the repairing field, what do I need to pay attention especially about the spec?”

Get a dual channel with at least a 100mhz analog or digital scope. You can get a cheap scope from ebay or a new scope from your local electronic supplier.

“My TV-repair friend told me that mostly he buys the parts from the authorized dealer because many parts from the free market can’t be functioning at all. Do you also have this experience? Then how do I get the good parts without buying from the dealer, as the dealer price is much higher.”

I’m not sure about the free market but i have no problem with the parts quality whether i get it from my local supplier or order from international distributors. I had only one bad experienced of getting the parts cheaper than the market price and at the end the parts don’t worked! Be alert if you can get parts that is real cheap than the market can offer.

“When I searched the method to test FET, I chanced to see an old magazine that describes the way to identity the FET channel N or P type. It is written in Indonesian and I believe you can understand too, please look at the attachment. My question is : Is the method still relevant to us? Because I’ve bought P-type FET IRF9610 but following the method, the needle of ohmmeter didn’t move at all. Could it be the part that I bought was bad?”

The method is not relevant because it is using the x100 where one should use the x10k range to trigger the FET be it in the p or the n channel. Test again with the x 10k ohm range and I’m very sure this time the IRF9610 will triggered!

Hope this helps!



“Somebody complained of Korean made LOGIX LGX17H monitor that had blur display but i really want to know what the heater voltage is,where it’s found in monitor . please show me how to read it or detect it.”

It is a 6.3 volt line from power supply to the monitor crt board. You have to measure it with a digital meter.  The output from the power supply have few voltages line and one of it must be the 6.3 volt dc. And from there you can trace it up to the crt board.

“Between ESR METER and DIGITAL CAPACITANCE METER which is better off? from my little knowledge i knw that the latter is used for all kinds of capacitor can it as well be used for non polarised capacitors?”

I use both because both are different meters. ESR meter is to check the ESR in e-caps while the digital capacitance is use to test the capacitance value of all kind of capacitors which includes the non polarised capacitors.

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