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Using Coolant In Electronic Repairing

By on March 11, 2009

 freezer coolant

I don’t use coolant or freezer every time when i do my repair. I only use it together with the hair dryer when i come across with intermittent problem. Don’t always assume that components problem only could cause intermittent problem. Dry joints, loose connection, circuit track open also could cause intermittent problem. If you have confirm that the problem is not due to dry joints and etc then suspect components that have intermittent problem.

Do not spray to all section of the board as this would only waste the coolant because a can of coolant/freezer is about USD15 to Usd20.00. Localize the fault by identifying the section. Lets say you have an intermittent display jumping horizontally then suspect bad components in the vertical section. Check all components first until you have give up before you use the coolant. Point the coolant at one component at a time with power “On” and see if the display will become normal once the freezer liquid touches on the component. If the display is still the same then move on to other component. Start from semiconductor components first before moving to capacitors.

If the display suddenly turns normal suspect is either the component that you have sprayed have problem or components corresponding  to that component. Sometimes is the corresponding components that have problem and not the actual component that you had sprayed.

If you do not have this coolant/freezer the only choice you have is to directly replace one by one the component until you have solve the problem. This may take up some of your time but at least it can be done.


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