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By on August 11, 2008

This morning a guy came to my office asked about Blue ESR meter and i told him that it was out of stock and the new badge will be coming in a week or two. He told me that he found my website after searching for more information about ESR meter. Since his place was quite near to my office (about 10 minutes drive) he decided to drop by office to check it out to see if he could buy the Blue ESR meter from my place. We chatted about electronic repair subject for more than an hour- do you believe that? His former job was a design engineer in designing HI FI for one of the famous brand in the market in a big factory.

He now works from home and start getting many machinery electronic boards for repair and he need an ESR meter to help him out especially dealing with the electrolytic capacitor. He is such a humble guy and i could learn something new especially he talked about manufacturing process. I told him about the advantages of the Blue Ring Tester and demonstrated using the meter to test on the bad and a good coil. After the test was done he ordered one unit from me where i have the stock for the  Blue Ring tester.  In fact i could continue to chat more but because i have an appointment we have to end the conversation.

I’m glad to meet a new repair friend today and i told him to drop by my office again if he is free. There is nothing to lose to talk with repair friends and you will gain a lot if comes to the right topic.


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