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Voltage And Signal Testing?

By on October 28, 2007

 electronic repair

What if you do not know how to use voltage and signal testing on a faulty board? Of course it is a great advantage to know both of the repair techniques but sometimes without using them we still can repair electronic equipment. What you need to do is first diagnose the problem and find out the faulty circuit. That’s mean if a CRT Monitor came in with color problem, you will definitely know that it must be in the colour section.

Assuming you do not know how to use the voltage and signal testing methods, you just solder all the components and test it one by one. Though is time consuming , if you have the skill of testing electronic components fast and accurate, i don’t see why you can’t find out the culprit!

However, the best is still you must acquire the knowledge of voltage and signal testing as both ways may speed up your troubleshooting time. Again, you must understand how an equipment work and where or which are the points you should measure! With the greatest amount of determination, practice and hard work, you will surely achieved your goal as a professional electronic repairer. Keep the fire burning my friend!


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