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Wagan Tech AC Inverter 1500 Watts Repaired

By on January 14, 2014








The complaint of the Power Inverter was that there was no output by the customer. After I received the Inverter I applied a 12Volt Dc to the inverter to see what was going on with the equipment. I notice that the fan was coming on but the output green light was off. I proceeded to take apart the inverter for inspection and the first thing I did was to inspect the board for any sign of blown components and I notice that on the output there was breaks on the trace pad so Irepaired the trace with a piece of wire.


I powered On the equipment hoping that this would solve the problem but it did not, so I began some detective work.

First I check the four input fuses and they tested good, I then remembered that the fans were coming on so the problem has to be on the output side and since there were broken traces I began to check components along that line and guess what I found three N channel Mosfet Shorted (IRF640N).

power inverter repairs


I replaced those Mosfet and check all the rest, all the rest check out fine. I did a final check on the board to see if I had miss anything. I then applied power to the inverter and Guess what? It came back to life.

power inverter repair


I tested it for about ½ hour to see if any component was getting hot and it worked fine.

andre gopee





This article was prepared for you by Andre Gopee from Calitech Limited Trinidad West Indies.

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    July 19, 2021 at 12:33 pm

    Very helpful and clear explanation. Keep up the good work.


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