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Went To Electronic Distributor’s Shop

By on July 31, 2007

Today i went to electronic distributor’s shop in pasar road to buy new tools and equipment for the coming LCD Monitor repair course starting next week. I bought 3 set of SMD rework station, tweezers, soldering paste and wick, magnifier glass, small set of screw drivers, Antex solder gun with the smallest tip, torch light, freezer, oil base spray, and many more. I brought along the young guy with me because he has never been to this kind of place before.

I want him to be exposed to such place so that in the future he can come on his own. He bought a new digital and analog meter, a soldering stand, a solder gun and a desoldering tool. He told me all these tools will be kept in his house and do some repair work. He will be starting to work at the new place tomorrow and i’m sure me and my staff will going to miss him. Well, for him at least he is independent and be able to handle his own way now.

fluke magazine

While browsing through some electronic shops, i stumbled upon one shop that deals with sanwa and fluke meters. I could see lots of brochures about test equipment and the sales assistant encourage me to take some of it. I took the Fluke’s electronic and electrical issues volume 6, number 1. I do not know how latest was this fluke’s news is but i do know that there are lots of information in it. I also took back Sanwa 2006-2007 (second edition) catalog. By studying the meters in the catalog, one could also absorb lots of information in it especially the specs and usage of different meters.

sanwa meter

When i reached back my office, i saw two magazines on my table, it was the Taiwan’s trade pages.  These are free magazines and talks about latest news in the consumer products and industrial supplies.

taiwan trade pages



  1. Berlin C. Alcayde

    November 30, 2009 at 10:00 pm

    Hi Jestine,

    What smd rework station is the best and affordable prize that can be use in repairing SMD?

  2. admin

    December 1, 2009 at 8:04 am

    HI Berlin,

    Get a rework station with moderate quality and price. If you get a too cheap one, it will spoil very fast. If you get a branded one like Hakko and Goot, the price would be super expensive!



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