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Went To See My Customers

By on March 10, 2009

Today i went to few computer shops to send and collect some computer items from them. At the same time to get some feedback from them. My general question was “How’s business doing in this time of economic slowdown?” some said was average and there was one sales cum technician told me that the sales of new computer had went down terribly but the repair side increase by 30%! Most of his customer tends to send computer for repair rather then to buy new computer. I collected two CRT Monitors and one LCD Monitor from the shop for us to repair.

If i do not have repair course “On” i will do repair works and see my clients just to build up relation with them. With a normal chat with them you will get lots of  “What’s happening in the computer world from all these computer dealers”. They are the best source of  latest information. If you haven’t visit your customers for a long time then i guess you visit them and they will remember you when they have things for repair. If you never build up the relation with them your competitors will.


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