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What A Fantastic Trip!

By on November 27, 2007

After the convention in Perlis, my family went straight to my sister place in Penang. We had lunch together and checked in to the Cititel Hotel which was located in the center of town (Penang road). My sister’s kids followed us while my sister and my brother in law have some other things do to. Me, my wife and the kids went to the penang street and shop a while before meeting my sister again for a dinner at Northam cafe by the seaside. The sea breeze and the food was just so good and we have a good time of sharing there.

After dinner we went to Queensbay Mall for a visit since this shopping mall was newly opened last year. In there all of us went to Borders bookstore and i stumbled upon the US magazine NUTS and Volts. In KL i could not get this magazine and i thought this magazine only for sale in the US! I quickly bought it and i found that this magazine have some similarity with Poptronics (no more in printing).

Next day just before check in to another hotel in batu ferringi my family went to butterfly farm and my son love it very much. At late afternoon my kids joined with my sister kids at the hotel swimming pool and later we had our dinner at a restaurant in Bahang bay. My family took breakfast at Gurney drive this morning and  after that we started journey and reached home safely in the late afternoon.

Although i only stayed in Penang for 3 days 2 nights, the trip was just fantastic and i have to thank my brother in law for taken us to many good places in Penang. Here are the photos and videos taken during the trip.

perlis convention


penang street

penang road

penang butterfly farm

penang butterflies farm

penang swimming pool

penang seafood restaurant

nuts and volts magazine

Video One- Visit to butterfly farm

Video Two- Dinner at Northam Cafe

By the way, there will be a student from Johor Baru attending the basic electronic course in this coming wednesday till friday and i will show you some pictures of him too.


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