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What’s Next? After Launching The SMPS Repair Ebook

By on January 9, 2010

Well, if you have read my January repair newsletter, i said that i have set two goals that need to be completed by this year. I’m taking it serious so that the goals can be accomplished otherwise it would just be another day dreaming for me. For your information, if you have vision but without action, then your vision is just a dream! I have to force myself to fulfill it so that when i look back at the end of this year, i would be happy that i have accomplish my goals.

Have you started your resolution yet? If not then i suggest to you to start off early so that you will have plenty of time-now is just the beginning of the year. Don’t wait till mid of the year, as you may loose out your momentum or motivation to do so. Later on you may tell to yourself to start your goals next year. This cycle can be repeated and after few years, you may be wondering why you did not hit any objective.

Action counts! If you really want to put your ideas/vision/dreams into reality then you must start-there is no optional for it. If by end of this year, you have accomplished your goal (s), you may post your success to this blog. Now, lets get working on your resolution!



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