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Which Meter is Better-Analog or Digital Multimeter or….

By on June 20, 2008

Well, it depends on own preference. I’ve seen tech that was wholly dependent only on analog (some old technicians) and also tech that was on digital meter. As for me i use both. From experience, different electronic components need different meter to test it out and we can’t use only one meter to test all of the electronic components. You may use it but the result that you will get might be wrong. Now the truth is besides analog and digital meter, my repair bench is also equipped with ESR, flyback/coil tester, inductance meter (LCR meter), scope, high voltage probe, CRT rejuvenator, Smart tweezers, regulated power supply and many more. Why i need so many type of meters?  Because different components need different meter to test it out. You can’t use a multimeter to test the condition of the CRT tube!

Not only that, with more meters it could help you to speed up your repair time without all the guessing game. If the components are bad the meter will  tell you and so on. It is not a waste to invest in the meters because you will use it all the time  assuming you have decided to join the repair trade. If you scan through ebay i’m very sure you will notice many test meters for sale and some of it is in the high end type but with the price of normal meter. If you are a believer that one meter could solve all of the electronic problems i suggest that you open up your mind to try out some other meters. Give yourself a chance to let other meters capabilities to help you out in your repair work and save you plenty of time. Happy troubleshooting and repairing!



  1. tsolox

    May 3, 2011 at 10:13 am

    I just bought an analog Sanwa XY360TRF multimeter. I plan to learn electronics repair and hopefully make a living out of it. I'm a computer programmer and lately I'm delving into microcontrollers. But first, I just have this inner urge to really get a grip the nature of electricity and what makes electricity. When i look in stores, I see several electronic parts and even a broken device still contain many useful parts inside that I think can still be reused. This inspired me to learn electronics and right now, I'm still at the theoretical part of my study. I'm serious into this electronics stuff and hopefully my existing skills in computer programming and software driver development will complement this and produce fruitful results.

  2. admin

    May 3, 2011 at 10:26 pm

    HI Tsolox,

    If you continue to work hard and never give up you will definitely will achieve your ambition.



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