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Working From Home

By on June 3, 2008

I have some electronic repair friends who work from home. There are few reasons why some of them work from home instead of from a repair shop:

To save cost-renting a shop is easy but at the end of the month one have to pay the rental. Some work very hard but at the end of the month, the money made from electronic repair got to be use to pay  for the monthly rental, electricity and etc. If one work from home, he or she could save the rental fees and smaller place definitely use lesser electricity (air condition, lighting etc).

Don’t want to take risk- Yes, they have the budget but they don’t want to take risk by renting a big space. They wants to see how the repair business result like before going full swing on a new location. This also save their initial investment and if the repair business looks promising, they will relocate to a bigger space, engage more staff, put on advertisement and etc.

Resizing the company expenses- Not all electronic repairer could have the ability to handle the company progress. Competitions, cheap electronic equipment in the market, expensive spare parts, employees wages and etc are all burdens to a company. One must have a proper planning, good fund and management to handle such a difficult tasks. If a company can’t sustain their expenses the only option they have is to downsize their company expenses and run it from home. Although they may have lose out some or many customers, at least they can sustain their company expenses and maintain some profits and when good time comes (like partnership with other investers/electronic repairers), they will instantly go back to having a shop to run the business.

As for me i started my repair business from home first. When my customer base getting bigger and my room can’t accommodates more equipment, there’s where i set up my company with my partner Mr William. It was set up in the year of 1996! We have seen lots of things during the twelve years of running the repair business. I will share to you again in my future posting.



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