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About CRT Monitor Repair Business

By on May 20, 2008


In my country there are still lots of customers sent CRT Monitors for repair! And at the same time I’m getting more LCD Monitor for repair too. The CRT Monitor repair business is still good and i could say that it will have another couples of years more before customers totally shift to LCD Monitors. The printer repair business are mainly on repairing dot matrix and laser printers and the business is as good as the CRT Monitor. We do not repair inkjet printer as the cost of the spare parts most of the time is higher than getting a new set. If you want to set up your own repair center then please do some homework or research before you quitting your full time job and go full time in Monitor repair business. If you don’t want all eggs to put in one basket, you can always try other repair business like notebook repair (which is very profitable) or even in industrial equipment repair. All the best to you my friend!



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