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An Email From ERG Member

By on July 6, 2008

After I sent out the July repair newsletter about “How to effectively analyze any types of electronic equipment and be an expert on that field” i got this email from one of my ERG Member:

Thanks for the new article. In fact, I do that all the time. I play with the monitor do something in it and see what happened and I take notes. It is fun and I am learning lots of things. even when I fix a tv set, it takes me a lot of time sometimes but I record everything down and later on, I can compare notes if another tv came with the same problem. it is fun and I am loving every minute of it. I am going to buy all your books. Take care, and God bless you my brother.




Hi Jestine,

Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge and experience to everyone . Most people in repair business don’t share what they know. Thanks God there is someone like you. Everyday I get excited on what I will read on your blog. It’s good to learned something new everyday.




Hi Jestine,

THanks for your email and help trough the site that will help me improve
my skills in electronics. Thats what i really want….

have a blessed day.



I must say your website and newsletter are excellent. Thank you very much.




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