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Completed The Basic Electronic Repair Course

By on August 6, 2008

Just completed another basic electronic repair course for two participants. One of them hold a degree in computing and very good in software development while the other was only 18 years old and his father sent him here to learn electronic repair so that he could help out in his father business. His father is a dealer in selling consumer electronics items and wish that his son could learn the repair skill and help him out in the repair of customers equipment. As for the software guy-i asked him a simple question, why do you want to learn electronic repair? His answered was to equipped himself with all the technical things so that he could troubleshoot and repair the Monitors at his company. At the moment all of the Monitors were source out to third party repair and he wanted to try whether he could repair it with the knowledge that he gained form the courses. By the way he will continue to take the basic monitor repair course next week and then the advance monitor repair course in the following two weeks time.

If you have read my August repair newsletter you would have know that i do emphasis on the investment topic. In fact this software guy moved from his comfort zone and learn something that he never learn before which is the electronic repair. I truly admired his thinking and during the 3 days course, although he made some mistakes, he did not give up and continue to write down all of the mistakes and even ordered the Blue ESR and Blue Ring Tester too. He will be going to electronic shop tomorrow to buy the analogue, digital meter and also the digital capacitance meter. He is a guy that do not want to wait for things to happen. He made decision fast and moved forward and i could see that there is no way he could fail in this electronic repair line.

As for the young guy (wearing spectacle), he may joint the next week basic monitor course and only can make the decision by next week. If i in anyway have delayed in responding your email, please forgive me as just after i sent out the August repair newsletter, i got hundreds of emails thanking me for the articles and also asked about support. Some of the emails i had to answer it during lunch time and after work. Here are the photos and a video taken during the three days basic electronic course:

testing component

testing components

testing electronic component


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