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Excited About Monitors Sent For Repair

By on March 25, 2008

Yes, i have to admit that whenever i see lots of Monitors that sent for repair by customers i get very excited-why? It is because i’m curious about the problem or the complaint. Some Montors have common fault and some have different problem. I like the one that have problem i’ve never repair before-reason? Simple, if you are repairing any electronic equipment that have common fault, you will not learn anything new from the problem. If the problem is new to you, you will use the best electronic repair knowledge in you to solve it. You will surf the internet for datasheet, look for electronic distributors, visit forum for answer and etc. All these will eventually add more information or knowledge to you. You will be very happy and have a great satisfaction once the job is completed besides you get a reward too which is profit!

Today my company received 12 CRT Monitors and 6 LCD Monitors for repair from customers and i’m ever ready to explore all of the problem and provide solutions and at the same time earn some income from the repair and also add more knowledge to me. After all troubleshooting and repairing electronic equipment is fun. If you are new in this field and wish to learn more about electronic troubleshooting, you should begin with testing electronic components and the information you can get it HERE.


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