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Hard To Find Electronic Spare Parts

By on February 20, 2008

In electronic troubleshooting, the greatest satisfaction is when you solved a problem and seeing the equipment work again. Sometime not every electronic repair problem can be solve due to the unavailability of spare parts.  Well i can diagnose a fault fast but to get the spare parts may end up taking you more time compare to finding the fault. This problem usually happen to newer model or type of equipment where the spare parts haven’t reach the market yet.

ic semiconductor

If there is no spare parts i will either get the customers to wait (if they can) for a period of time or just return the set back to them. If the part is transistor we can always use an equivalent part number to substitue it, if it IC’s then we will have problem getting them fast. If you have the information to source spare parts fast, you will have the advantage of repairing the equipment over your competitors. The best source to get information fast is still the internet. Visit this page to look for the electronic suppliers and who knows they may have the parts that you need.


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