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Its Been A Year Plus-My New Blog

By on July 13, 2008

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I didn’t notice that this blog already one year and one month until i looked at the archives at the right side of my blog. The time flies superb fast as thought i just set up this blog one month ago! Hope you have learned many new things especially in the field of electronic repair information from this blog. You may visit my old blog at where i first started writing blog back in the year of October 2005. You may pick up some of my repair tips too from my old blog.

I would normally post from 1 to three blog post a day and usually i will post less especially Saturday and Sunday due to that my time was spent on my family and also when there is any repair courses on. Tomorrow there will be another 3 days course for basic monitor repairing and troubleshooting and hope that i can find some time to make a post in the morning and in the late evening. Please take good care of your health and have a wonderful day!


A support question:

HI, could you please tell me the fastest method you use to find the primary pins,and the ground return for the crt 2anode of the flyback transformer. Thank you. C. P

Hi C.P,

Find the B+ voltage input (for a tv is usually 110vdc) and the collector pin of HOT that goes to flyback transformer pins. These two pins is the primary winding. As for the crt anode return please visit this website:



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