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Just Came Back from Airport

By on May 1, 2010

My partner Mr William and I just came back from Airport after sending our student. He is from FIJI Island (country that is located at the East of Australia) and already been here since 6th of April.  He came here to take 4 repair courses and have technical training in our workshop. He is a Lecturer in Electronics subject and the reason he came here to have the practical lesson that he can’t obtain it in his country. He is a cool  and steady guy and likes to play Soduku whenever he have free time or while he was waiting for us to pick him up from the hotel to our office. He knows all the hotel staff since he already stayed for more than 3 weeks long! He is just like a brother to us and we had shared lots of experiences between us.

Time flies and today he have to go back to his country and we already miss him. Hope that one day, he will come back here with his family for vacation. Here are the photos of him:

 electronic lecturer

electronic lecturer

electronics lecturer


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