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Laser Printer Training In USA

By on May 5, 2010

laser printer repair course

If you are from USA and wish to learn Laser Printer Repair then you can visit David’s website by clicking on the photo above. Here is the excerpt from his website:

“ProTech Printer Solutions offers a variety of options to train you in the maintenance of laser printers.  We provide training on some of the most sought after printers in the market today, including Hewlett Packard LaserJet, Lexmark Optra, Muratech, and most other brand printers.   Our training includes a complete detailed breakdown of the theory of a generic laser printer including the six steps of laser printing.  We then introduce printer model specifications, followed by control panel operation, network card configuration, and firmware update instructions.

Each student is then instructed to completely disassemble and reassemble the covered printer model(s).   Each assembly is discussed in functioning detail, including all motors, switches, sensors, solenoids and circuit boards.  Troubleshooting is then introduced and all error codes and possible print quality issues are covered.  Faults and defective sub assemblies are then inserted into the printer to reinforce the concepts presented during troubleshooting. “


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