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Problem In Identifying Components

By on February 13, 2009

Have you come across components that have no marking or with part number that you can’t get from the internet? The part number are not those common number like C945, C1815, A1015 instead it could start with BHQ555 or TDY1057 or even KIL7009 and etc. Those are not standard part number and made our life as repairman difficult in tracking down what component was that. If you refer to the board, it was labeled as “Q” and you know that it was a transistor but which type? An NPN, PNP, P-Channel FET, N-channel FET, SCR, Triac and etc?


Normally you could locate the type of component if you have the schematic diagram but what if you doesn’t have any? The only way for me to find out te component is to use the Peak Atlas Analyzer. Just clip on any of those 3 pins and the tester will tellthe pin configuration and also the type of component that you are testing it.

Now sometimes this tester also would not show the result and this would make the repair even more difficult. I would like to hear from you if you have the solution for this kind of problem by posting your feedback in the comment link below-thanks!



  1. Mladen Mugosa

    February 14, 2009 at 3:26 am

    In those situation when i don't have idea what kind of component is, even multimeter cant help or similar tool, or searching on google for component label without results...I search for nearest IC in that area of board. Then i search on Google for datasheet of that IC and looking for application schematic for that. Then i tracking on board connected pins of IC and that strange component and then compare with application schematic from IC datasheet. Can help in some situations where schematic from datasheet is presented.

  2. admin

    February 17, 2009 at 10:22 am

    Hi Mladen,

    That was a superb tips and hope the readers will benefit from your posting. Keep up the good work!



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