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The Important Of Freezer

By on October 18, 2009


In my technical department, i always have this can of Freezer to be used for troubleshooting purposes. I know that the purpose of using Freezer is to find intermittent fault in circuit board. Components like capacitors and semiconductors can cause intermittent fault and without Freezer and a Hair Dryer, it would be hard to locate the bad part. In troubleshooting, sometimes you do not need to wait for the problem to surface then only you use the Freezer. Let’s take this for example, a customer have a LCD Monitor and the symptom is display problem¬† (could only see lots of colours but not the wording). From this symptom, you can conclude is the Mainboard fault. Since all the voltages were tested good in the Mainboard, your next action is to use a Freezer to spray on the Mainboard.

Sometimes, by applying very cold temperature to the Mainboard, you could see changes in the display. Concentrate on that area/components and who knows you could locate the bad part in the Mainboard. Since Freezer is not expensive, i guess you should keep one too in your workshop.


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