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There Is Always A Tomorrow

By on July 8, 2009


I know that sometimes you may feel frustrated especially dealing with tough dog repair. You have spent countless hours to tackle the problem but at the end you still could not locate the fault. You have visited forum, read technical books, search from internet for the information and at the end there is still no remedy for the problem. Actually frustration is just part of our life in this electronic repair field. You got to deal with the frustration otherwise if it prolongs it could affect your health and whatsoever.

Some of the way to release the tension and frustration is to take a break after more than an hour of doing the troubleshooting job. You could have some tea or coffee breakand then continue back with the work. Although it was just a small break, sometimes you could get an answer for the problem. Many times i went home even when driving i would think on how to solve the problem but do you believe that most of the solution that i had was when i was in the office in the morning! Yes in the morning-why? Because when you have a good sleep your mind tends to be clear and morning freshness would really helps you to think even better compare when you are trying to think when you are in frustration Grrrrrrr….. Take it easy my friend and i’m sure there is always a tomorrow for you to finally get your job done.


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