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Google Chromebook Adapter Repair

By on December 10, 2020
Google Chromebook Adapter Repair

I had call from my neighborhood young boy he needs help from me, after discussion he stated the problem. He was working late in the night on the chromebook and after finishing the work he has gone for sleep. Before going to sleep he put the laptop on the bed but adapter was lying on the carpet .when he got up in the morning he found his room is having water seepage and adapter also got wet because he has kept kitchen basin tap open by mistake.

After wiping the adapter he has directly connected to the laptop for testing but laptop is not showing any charging sign. So he called up me and I have directed him to don’t connect or power on the adapter and try to dry it using hair dryer.

But he is not having hair dryer so I advice him to put the adapter under the sunlight for 3 hrs at least. In the noon on sunny day we are having around 35°C Temp. After 3 hrs he sent me the adapter to my place because I was out for some other work on Sunday.

Now I checked the adapter it is totally dried from outside. I did not turn it on because I am not sure about the condition inside. So opened the adapter for some visual inspection.

power adapter fix

Now removed the cover to see inside here I found water drops on component and Solder side also.

water went into power adapter

For cleaning purpose first I have to remove this white glue from the PCB Using sharp blade I have removed the glue.

water caused problem in power adapter

Now just cleaned the adapter using IPA and dried it using hot air station. After the process I kept adapter as it is for 3 to 4 hours.

Now it is time to test the adapter by power it on but problem is that this adapter is having C-type Connector and it is not possible to test the output on front pin side and more confusion is this adapter has marked several out puts.

chicony power adapter specification

But on DC O/P cable I found three cables were connected and marked with V0_Bus, ID & GND.

chicony power adapter specification and repair

So checked Voltage on white wire it shows 5V DC. On ID wire there is no voltage………

Confirmed about shorting on O/P wires all seems OK there is no shorting.

Still confused with O/P Voltage indicated on the adapter.

So only option is to connect it with laptop and see…..on connecting to the laptop it shows charging indicator is working. Kept it connected for 15 Minutes battery indicator increase from 4% to 9% that is good indication and adapter now in working condition.

This article was prepared for you by Yogesh Panchal who works as a Computer Hardware Engineer in Mumbai India.

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  1. Parasuraman S

    December 10, 2020 at 5:46 pm

    Good Job there! Many thanks for sharing!

    • Yogesh Panchal

      December 11, 2020 at 2:44 pm

      Thank you! Sir

  2. Arunkant Pandit

    December 10, 2020 at 6:37 pm

    Good job. Saved it from going to junk.

    • Yogesh Panchal

      December 11, 2020 at 2:45 pm

      Arunkant Pandit,

      Thanks for comment.

  3. Albert van Bemmelen

    December 10, 2020 at 7:43 pm

    Good job. I guess that this adapter got into some power protection mode after it got wet. As some adapters do power off, and after a reset and powering up switch back on again.

    • Yogesh Panchal

      December 11, 2020 at 2:49 pm

      Right Albert else fuse will definitely blown off.

  4. lj

    December 12, 2020 at 5:52 am

    its a usbc power adapter for acer chromebook
    usually will start as 5v, then identify, then move to 20V for fast charging at 45w
    else it will get stuck in 5v charging slowly

  5. Humberto

    December 16, 2020 at 1:18 pm

    Good repair Yogesh.


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