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A Visit To My Repair Friend’s Place

By on May 2, 2008

This afternoon i went to one of my repair friend’s place and just to check out from him is there any latest news about his repairing business. He was the guy that i had interviewed him not long ago and posted the interviewed at

The moment i went into his shop, there was a customer brought to him a 21″ Philip CRT Television for repair. The complain was display have lines-in fact after tested it was the flyback lines across the display. He talked about many things from repairing the automobile  tuning machine to the secrets of finding why Horizontal output transistor (HOT) always burnt! Later he opened up the Philip TV and showed me the right procedure to troubleshoot this kind of fault. That’s the power of sharing! He showed me also some defective TV tuner and added by saying “TV tuner are very reliable and rarely breakdown unless the tuner hit by lightning”.  I thanked him for all the information he had shared to me and definitely will visit him again. So if you haven’t visit any of your repair friend before then now is the right time to do it!

This morning there was an ex policeman came to my office inquired about the repair courses. I explained to him the necessary steps that he have to take in order to become a good electronic repairer. He retired one year ago and have much free time and wanted to learn about electronic repair. In fact he had studied electronic repair course back in 1984 but because of no exposure of hands on training he had forgot many things that he already studied! I told him that i will put him into my technical department after the three days basic electronic course and he was very happy.

He told me he likes  electronic repair was because of the curiosity of seeing other people able to tackle electronic faults. He wondered how those people can solved those problems and he wanted to be like them. The course that he took was a part time course because in the full time he worked as a policeman. One thing in common between us was that both of us like fishing! When talks about fishing both of us got so excited! By the way my angler’s friends already booked the speed boats in this coming June and July for another round of fishing excitement-looking forward for the day to come!


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