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About Frequency Meter

By on June 16, 2008

Do you use frequency meter to troubleshoot electronic equipment? As for me, yes i only use it to test on the cpu/mcu crystal and sometimes the operating frequency at the horizontal driver transformer. Do i need to get a stand alone type of frequency meter? Not necessary as most of the middle range digital meters comes with the frequency test. It all depends on the spec of the meter. Make sure you get a digital meter that can test the frequency of more than 10 Mhz. Currently i have a Greenlee digital meter that can test frequency up to 24 Mega hertz.

frequency meter

Testing crystal is easy with the frequency tester and you can also place the probe on top of transformer to get the frequency reading. If the reading is half of the actual frequency you would know that the circuit may have problem. I came across an intermittent blown HOT was due to running at the wrong frequency at the hori zontal driver transformer. After fixing the fault, i got back the right frequency value which is 31.5 khz and of course the frequency is depends on the setting of the Monitor Testing software. Isn’t it wonderful now that you can use frequency meter to do your troubleshooting work.


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