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ASUS PC Vibration fully eradicated

By on April 26, 2014

I was called by the chief of one of the Design Department because there was a PC with a frustrating vibration. When I got there it was anASUS P5LD2-VM PC.

pc vibration repairs

It was having a lot of vibration inside disturbing the owner and the rest of the co-workers in the Department.

When the side casing was removed here is what I saw:

pc vibration repairs

The vibration was coming from the Microprocessor fan, and it was not normal. But before I shut down the PC I wanted to enter to the Bios Setup of this PC, I confess that curiosity was killing me (look at the photos below)


I got this section by means of “Del” key, and later you have to enter in Hardware Monitor, once there I saw the Microprocessor fan was spinning at 3292RPM (almost 3300 RPM) and CPU temperature was at 46.5°C.

The PC was turned off, and the Microprocessor fan was extracted, and let’s sees what I have found in the photo below.

pc vibrationrepair

As you can see, one blade of this fan was missing, so it was the cause of the vibration. The only way to solve this malfunction was to substitute the old fan with a new one.

pcvibration repair

Of course the substitution was done and this time the PC worked really fine with none vibration. When I entered to the Setup again let’s see the result.

pcvibration repairing

This time the fan was spinning at 2311RPM (981RPM less, almost 1000RPM less), and the most important: the vibration was fully eradicated. Chapter closed.













This article was prepared for you by Humberto Rodriguez, one of our ‘Master Authors’ from Cuba


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