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Built In H/V Oscillator IC into CPU

By on April 21, 2008

I came across before there was a Philip 17″ CRT Monitor where the hv oscillator IC was not found in the mainboard. Instead it was built into the CPU IC. How do i know that? Simple, just trace backward starting fom the HOT (simple reference point) base and you will find the horizontal driver transformer. Once you found the h.driver transformeryou surely will find the horizontal driver transistor. Trace again backward from the base of h. driver transistor and surely you will find the h/v oscillator IC.

That’s why it is important to understand how a circuit work if not if a design engineer modified some circuit in it you will be lost! I personally do not like thing that have all in one features. If one signal is not functioning or missing, you got to replace the hold IC. If it separated from the Cpu, you need to replace the h/v oscillator IC only which is easier to get from the market compare to CPU. Nowadays, you could see printers come in with a built in fax machine and etc. If the equipment have no power problem, the equipment would be totally unusable at all!


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