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Challenging Repair Job Versus Simple Repair Job

By on April 30, 2013

Simple repair job like changing fuse, dry joints and etc could bring in fast income. Sometimes customer just sent in equipnent with the same model. If you have solved one problem you could solve the rest. They are mainly easy to solve and have common fault. Those are easy money but not challenging. It did not bring any satisfaction and no story can be told from this simple repair work.

Challenging repair job needs lots of time and thinking. One will learn a lot from tough dog repair job because you will spend lots of time in forum, understanding how a cricuit works, reading books related to that equipment/circuits, component ic pins identification/datasheet, input/output waveform and etc. Sometimes in a day you are not guaranteed of even repaired one equipment. Your advantage is you will have great satisfaction with added additional repair knowledge. You may get plenty of repair job as the customer only trust that you are the only one that can handle his type of equipment. For your information I have a repair friend that is good in CNC machine repair and not everyone are able to repair such equipment. He knows the common fault, where to locate and buy parts and etc.

Conclusion- It is not good also if all repair work have tough dog problem. It can consume lots of your time and at the end of the day you just can profit that much. There is a limit for us in each day thus we have to adjust and made sure in a day you have to profit certain amount otherwise you will be running a business that can only pay your salary and no bonus/profit.


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