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COMPAQ CPU Motherboard Repaired

By on December 5, 2013









A CPU with Motherboard COMPAQ EVO D510 CMT was brought to me from a co-worker because the Operating System was working unstable and it was restarting most of the time. I realized that two main reasons could be causing this faulty:

  1. The Operating System.
  2. A hardware trouble.


First of all I did a quick check at simple sight, and then I decided to open the chassis up to look if there was any bad/burnt component, bulged electrolytic capacitor, circuitry damage, etc. When I saw inside there were eleven bulged electrolytic capacitors (2200µF/6.3v) so they had to be replaced anyway to save the Motherboard.

cpu motherboard repair

Obviously, the eleven e-caps had to be substituted with similar ones.

cpu motherboard repairs

It was a little difficult to change that amount of capacitors, but it was not anything impossible at all.

When job was concluded, a SMPS was connected to Motherboard such as a keyboard, a mouse and Monitor on the workbench. The SMPS was switched-ON and there was display.

cpu motherboard repairs

Then the Motherboard was inserted into the chassis and all connections were done, and I felt very happy for my co-worker because the Operating System has been working perfectly since that day.


This article was prepared for you by Mr Humberto Rodriguez from Cuba.

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  1. Gurpreet

    September 19, 2015 at 1:50 pm

    Hello Mr. Rodriguez

    I get confused when I have to find the same value part but you have replaced all of them. It's great.

    Thanks for this article.


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