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Defective New IC

By on December 20, 2012

Don't always estimate that a new IC will always work beause I came across cases where I have to replace the IC twice in order to get the equipment to work again. If you are confident that the surrounding components are good and you have replaced the IC then try replace the ic again, the equipment probably will work again. The reason for it the IC could have been damaged by static or heat while you are soldering it. Some IC just already defective when you bought it from the shop.

I still could recall one particular case on a LM1203N pre amaplifier IC for the CRT Monitor color section. I bought few from the electronics shop and all of them would not work. I saw some of the pins already rusted and guess the shop already kept for long time. I returned the ICs and demanded for new batch and the new ICs worked perfectly well.


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