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Electronics For You Magazine

By on December 28, 2012

electronics for you magazine

Just bought the December 2012 Issue "Electronics For You" Magazine from the local bookstore. I guess at current moment there are not many electronics (mainly on electronics and not computers) magazine in the market. Those days we could easily get the famous UK "Television" and USA "Poptronics" electronics magazine. Those magazines focused on electronics repair subject, building electronics project, Q and A, recommended technical books, problems and solutions on electronics equipment, understanding electronics circuit, latest products on test equipment and etc. I always look forward for such magazine during that time because the information contributed by the writers were just simply amazing! 

Now, many people are turning to Internet to get the free and latest information and the demand for electronics magazine is not as good compare to those days. If you have any good story about reading electronics magazine please feel free to comment-thanks.


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