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Going for a fishing trip!

By on January 23, 2008

Few more hours i will be leaving to pulau sibu Kelong for a 3 days 2 night fishing trip. The last time i went fishing was about 6 months ago and i really need this trip to relax myself and who knows during the fishing trip i may get some inspiration in writing more electronic repair books. Three of my close friends will be joining me in this trip and I’ve already prepared few fishing techniques (not troubleshooting techniques!) that I’m going to use over there and hopefully will yield some good results. If you join the crowd (other anglers) to use the same techniques, i guess the result will not be good thus i have to use different ways to catch the fish and it is just like electronic troubleshooting where you can create your own technique to solve electronic problems faster.

If you have any electronic repair questions, inquiry about my books and etc, i guess i can only send you a reply on Sunday evening-sorry! As usual when i come back i will show you some pictures of this trip. Take care!


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