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Going For Holiday

By on June 5, 2011

Since after launching the new website I’ve got lots of positive feedback about the new website. I would like to thanks those who have encouraged me and also to those have submitted the articles. I guess it is time for me to take some rest and i will be leaving for a 4 days 3 nights holiday to Kuantan Pahang Malaysia tomorrow morning. Now is also a school holiday season and got to spend some time with the kids and of course for my wife too. There will be a delay in responding your email-sorry about that but when i comes back i will make sure all emails will be replied. I will be posting update about this trip through my Twitter page (look at the right side below of this blog).

Remember, if you have solve any electronic problems, ideas about electronics or whatever things that deal with Electronics please sign up as an author at and start to contribute your article. If the website grows then it will benefit everyone in the Electronics field. In other word, the more you write the more you will receive and you may also win the prize too if you are in the top 5. Ok that’s all for today and now got to log into the facebook and see if there is any latest news from friends.


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