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Great Quotation To Inspire You!

By on May 3, 2008

Sometimes we need to motivate ourself in order to continue concentration on the things that we are doing. A routine job can easily made us not to excel and move forward due to the comfort zone we are in. At the end of the day, you are the only one standing between where you want to be and where you wish to be. Don’t blame outside factors and start to take responsibility and change your attitude to that of a successful person. Do you know that you are the problem but you are also the solution!

Remember last week that i had a Monitor repair course for the staff of Malaysia Airport Technology (MAT)? One of the staff at the age of 45 is doing a business degree part time and full time working in MAT. He shared to me many good and great quotations that can instantly boost our motivation and the way we think. If you reflect back those words that I’m gonna share to you in the next paragraph, you would be surprised that it got a very deep meaning and yet easy to convey to you. He even shared some of the Warren Buffet (second richest man in the world) philosophy about how to handle your own financial.


See, when i conduct course, i don’t treat my students as “I am the lecturer and you must listen to what i said”. In fact i treated them just like any friends of mine. With this way everyone is freely to speak out and share their opinions. I love it too because i can also learn from them. There was a Chinese saying “There will be another mountain that is higher” so please don’t think that you are great-as someone could be in your line that have vast experience than you-so be humble!

Okay about the great quotation, read below:




Its your choice on what type of people you want to be. You want to be a person that always think negative, talk negative than you will reap negative similarly if you think and talk positive than you will reap positive result. If you have any friends that always talk negative toward other people, complaining about this or that, always grumbling of minor little thing, i think its time for you to remind them of the bad impact that they already created (all these are negative thing) by themselves most probably they themselves did not realizing it. That means you are doing a favor in helping your friends to make them a better person. Again this topic is very subjective because your friends may choose the way they wanted to be but at least you have done your best to correct them.

Once in a while our motivation may go low due to some external factors like a sudden drop in business, family problems, financial difficulty and etc and at that moment it seems that no one could help you to solve the problem. Take the problem one at a time and believe (pray hard) that God can deliver us from such situation. Have a good weekend rest my friend!


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