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Guest Post-How To Reset Printer Ink Cartridges

By on April 30, 2013
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The function of ink cartridges in a printer is very complicated. They monitor the printer’s usage and employ various measuring units to determine the amount of ink used, and the amount of ink remaining in the cartridge.

However, these estimates may be inaccurate at times. You may get warning messages that your cartridge is running low on ink, when in truth, the cartridge has enough ink to print several pages before it completely runs out.

These false messages can be easily avoided by simply resetting the ink cartridge, thereby allowing you to fully use the ink you’ve purchased. When you add ink to a cartridge, as opposed to purchasing a new one, resetting can prove to be particularly handy as the printer does not have the ability to automatically reset your ink’s level when inserted.


Procedure to Reset a Canon Ink Cartridge


Your Canon printer must be powered off when you’re resetting the ink cartridge. The power cord must be unplugged and the universal serial bus cable from your computer must be disconnected. Then, the “Power” button must be pressed and held before you do the same with the “Resume” button. The power cord must then be plugged into the power source so as to initiate printer initialization.


After sometime, the “Power” control can be released, but the “Resume” control must continue to be held. You will have to press the “Power” control again, and hold it for the activation of test mode. Service mode can be activated by releasing both buttons simultaneously. The lights must stop flashing once you’ve released the buttons.


The “Resume” control must be held down to go through the settings. Usually, you will have to press it three or four times before it sends a message saying “Reset waste ink counter.” Alternatively, it may also display the “Ink count”. If the latter message appears, “0” must be pressed to reset the cartridge.


The “OK” or “Set” button should be pressed and the printer must be powered off before you unplug the cord. In some printers, the “Cartridge” control can be pressed if the display prompts it. The power cords should be plugged into the switchboard and the USB cable must be plugged into your computer. Once you turn your printer on, the ink cartridge would have been reset.


Hacking the Printer to Reset Ink Cartridges


Running your printer through an APT process (Alignment Page Testing) can allow it to recognize a cartridge every time it is inserted. An older cartridge can be inserted and the printer will scan it during insertion, thereby determining that the cartridge used is different from the unit you had previously inserted. When your printer goes through the APT process, a third cartridge can be inserted.

Doing so will result in your printer storing the memory of the latter two cartridges, and the memory of the first cartridge, which is now unfilled, will be erased from the system. When you insert a full cartridge, the printer will read it as full, and will keep you updated on how much ink is remaining in two of the most recently inserted cartridges.


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