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Hard Disk Drive (HDD) Bad Sector Recovery- Part 2

By on April 4, 2014








Part 1- Click HERE


Now restart the scan without erasing.

seagate harddisk repair

As we can see bad sector on sector 1810245 (pic 04) is repaired.

seagate harddisk repair13

Full scan is done, There are no bad/unreadable sectors on the drive but there is a lot of slowsectors. It is good that there are no more bad sectors only slow ones but I personally  don’t like to use drive areas with slow sectors because they can lead to windows crashes, or freezing the pc for a second or two, or corrupting data after some time.

Either try to repair them or remove them from further  use in partitions.

seagate harddisk repair14

You can set the program to try running multiple rewrites of the same area on the disk if there is a slow or bad sector. I had a slow sectors between 270388000 and 270389000 sectors, so I set the program to scan only between those sector in loop and if slow or bad sectors are found to erase them.

seagate harddisk repair15

Sometimes it can improve the sectors but sometimes it can’t. It can take a lot of time to scan each bad/slow area individually, you can set the program to loop erasing scan through several gigabytes or even set it to loop erase scan whole disk over night.

seagate harddisk repair16

seagate harddisk repair17

After some time I isolated several groups of slow and unrecoverable areas on disk and several clean areas on the disk.

From begining to 61000000 sectors = slow

61000000 to 134000000 = good

134000000-164000000 = slow

164000000-616000000 = good

616000000-632000000 = slow

632000000-756000000 = good

756000000-909000000 = slow

909000000-END = good

Now we need to recalculate sectors to megabytes:

SECTOR / 2 / 1024 = megabyte ( one sector is 512 bytes)

61000000 / 2 / 1024 = 29785 megabytes


seagate harddisk repair18


Making a bit of fine tuning to numbers. Add a bit to the beginning and end of bad areas. I rounded them all on 100mb.

seagate harddisk repair19


Now that I had numbers I had to make partitions. I used linux from hirens cd for this task, but you can do it from dos or windows as well.

seagate harddisk repair20

To be continued……………..

This article was prepared for you by  David Car  from Koprivnica Croatia. He has the passion for Electronics and Computers.

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  1. Amir

    February 28, 2018 at 2:57 am

    Hi Justin,
    I am looking for low cost multi slot repair machine tools useing MHDD to repair SATA Seagate or WD 2,5" & 3.5",
    i know China has some 10slot machine with lcd (looks like bay)
    i need to repair daily 1000pcs or 2000pcs of hdd bad sectors,

    • Jestine Yong

      March 2, 2018 at 9:46 am

      HI Amir,

      Sorry I do not have such info. Perhaps you can try search from aliexpress or even from



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