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Error 202 In LEXMARK Printer, Copier and Scanner Machine Model X 203N Repaired.

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lexmark printer repair


This machine already been repaired two times by a repair center but it would not last. After a short time of usage the machine will break down again and each time they charge 70 USD for therepair work. This machine is belong to an air travel agency.


The first problem of this machine was the LCD display had an error message (ERROR 202) and it means paper jams inside the machine (fuser and output rollers). Actually it was not due to paper jam because after inspection there was no paper stuck inside the machine. The back door was sense by a backdoor sensor (Photo Interrupters sensor) and the job is to feedback a signal back to the microcontroller IC to tell the microcontroller IC whether the printed paper is going out of the machine or not.

lexmark printer repairs

If the Photo Interrupter sensor have problem the microcontroller would think that the paper was still inside the tray or between the rollers thus an error message will be displayed.

photo interrupter

There are two more photo interrupter sensor in the exit path.

lexmark printer repair

In order to verify whether the Photo Interrupter sensor is working or not you just need to disconnect the wires of the photo interrupter sensor from the main board (by pulling out the socket). And I powered up the machine again and the machine started to work without  ERROR 202. This indicates the Photo Interrupter sensor have problem.

lexmark fuser assemblylexmark printer repairings

After fixing in a new photo interrupter sensor the error message was gone and when I tried to do a print test the machine stopped halfway with an alarm sound (second problem).  I checked the exit roller and found the paper was stuck inside causing the machine alarm to sound.  I then took out the fuser assembly and checked on the roller and found it to be very tight.


I disassembled the fuser/heater rollers and cleaned the roller with thinner and spray all the attached gears rolling parts with oil sprayer. After that the roller started to roll again and no more paper jams.

Conclusion- Problems solved after the replacement of the Photo Interrupter sensor and servicing the fuser assembly.






This article was prepared for you by Mr Beh, one of our ‘Master Authors’ from Iran.


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