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New Techniques In Repairing Electronic Faults?

By on April 20, 2008

If you have read my repair article “Electronic Repairing Techniques That Are Yet To Be Discovered” you would have know that i encourage all of my ERG members to always discover new way to troubleshoot a particular electronic faults. There are many types of electronic equipment and circuits that needs you to come out with a better or faster way to repair them. Of course you can always depends on repair books or forum (if have) to reveal to you how to troubleshoot a particular circuit but do you know that you are the right person to do it. You have been in the line for so many years and you are qualified to come out with your own ideas on how to solve things fast!


Innovation, R&D and etc will make your dream (ideas) come true. Think about the most simple trick which was the series light bulb in helping technicians to save time especially in repairing power supply. Imagine if you have your own accurate way in finding any ATX power supplies fault in less than 15 minutes or so, you will earn lots of money just by repairing ATX power supply. This is just a scenario and what if you could repair LCD TV power supply in the shortest time-the sky is the limit. Think the impossible! 


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